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Alex Cooper, Founder


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Alex Cooper is the Executive Director of The MindsetCEO coaching service and founder of the The IronCEO blog.


Alex has been an entrepreneur, CEO, and senior business development and sales executive over his 30-year career in the financial technology (fintech) industry.


Alex co-founded two Inc. 500 startups that sold to publicly traded companies and a third company that was acquired by another startup.


He brings decades of experience in building and growing successful companies from the ground up. He has created and delivered innovative, impactful financial technology solutions. Alex has led all aspects of the product lifecycle from ideation to design to commercialization to customer acquisition. He has been at the forefront of digital payment solutions, mobile payments, and emerging financial services products for the underbanked.


Alex is a dynamic leader and business evangelist with a keen vision, insight, and strategic perspectives on entrepreneurship, technology, and business development. He has a passion for businesses with a social impact and leveraging financial technology to build better lives for the underserved in the U.S.


As an avid cyclist and triathlete, Alex has completed eight full Ironman distance events, including four with his daughter. His proudest achievements are raising four wonderful children, finishing every race he has entered, and selling every business he has started.


The IronCEO blog and leadership coaching service are about the intersection of entrepreneurial business principles and lessons learned from athletic competition.

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