IronCEO RapidFire: Anthony Franco, Founder, mcSquares

You got to love an Entrepreneur who is brutally honest about himself as well as to others. I asked serial entrepreneur, shark tank contestant, inventor why he does what he does? His answer is brutally honest and self-effacing. Maybe you can relate? “I can’t hold down any other job. Entrepreneurship is the only way I can earn a living. I am a terrible employee. I jump from one entrepreneurial gig to another, because that’s all I know. I get bored very easily. I love starting. Once a company gets into management, where you get middle layers of managers, I am not the right fit for the company anymore.” Anthony, like many creative types operates on instinct and intuition. “I build stuff for me.

IronCEO Video Blog: What Does Are You a Control Freak? It's Ok.

Are you always correcting others as soon as they say or do something that isn’t right? Do you have trouble admitting when you are wrong? Do you work for a boss that is always interrupting you and telling you how to do your job? Do you have trouble getting a word in edgewise in meetings with your boss? Maybe you or your boss are control freaks. Is that ok? Well no, not really. Being a control freak in the ways I just outlined is not a good way to interact, manage, or lead others. That’s why controlling people get that label “Freak”. That’s kinda bad because frankly its a truly dysfunctional behavior. To be a great entrepreneur you have to believe that you can control stuff. You can control yo

IronCEO RapidFire: Allison Reitz, CEO&Co-Founder, Good Elephant

Yoga studios and teachers are ground zero for small businesses and gig workers suffering from the COVID Pandemic. But don’t think of Good Elephant as an opportunistic company just now jumping on the bandwagon of digitizing classes for online consumption. Also, don’t underestimate Allison Reitz. This young, Zen, yogi entrepreneur is Founder and CEO of Good Elephant. Allison started her business in 2017 to transform the fitness industry model. In her words, she is building “Airbnb for yoga.” Allison is tackling two challenges head-on. “I realize there were a few things that I didn’t like about how the yoga industry is run. First of all, I was not going to be able to make a living teaching at $

IronCEO Video Blog: What Does Your LinkedIn Profile Say About You?

What does your LinkedIn Profile Summary say about you? Are you a CEO? Are you a developer? Are you the Sales VP? Is that who you are? You don’t believe in self-labeling, look at your LinkedIn page. Mine says I am a Biz Dev Dynamo, Entrepreneur, Innovator, and the IronCEO. That is who I am! It’s not what I am or what I do; it is literally who I am. Believe me; it took me a while to realize this. Words have power! The Positive words we tell ourselves are commonly known as positive affirmations. A lot has been written about the power of positive affirmations to get your day started, to transform your mood and ultimately your life. But if you really want to seal the deal, take those affirmation

IronCEO RapidFire: Torrey Smith, CEO&Co-Founder, Endiatx

Endiatx is a small startup that is pushing the edge in medical devices. How do you starting making pill size robots for people to swallow that can perform diagnostic tests like colon cancer screening? Well if you are Torrey Smith, CEO, and Founder of Endiatx, you start in a dirt-floor cabin in the California mountains, watch your dad build gliders, get interested in science fiction and aviation, build towers at the Burning Man festival, attend Cal Poly and then finally start creating micro-sized robots. As Torrey states; "Rightfully so there is a bit of risk adversity in the medical world. If you look at Medical tech, [at] the cutting edge, we are often lagging 10-20 years behind what compan

IronCEO Video Blog: Please Give!

The IronCEO Solo Triathlon for Charity. 1 Day, 3 Sports, 4 Causes 140.6 Reasons to Give! September 12, 2020. I will be swimming, biking, running in Denver, CO. Every dollar donated will be given to 4 great causes for Social Justice, Global Humanity, COVID Relief, and Veterans. Give what you can! Give till it hurts (me). 01:56

IronCEO RapidFire: Steven Khuong, CEO & Co-Founder, Curacubby

Our reasons for starting companies are usually very personal. Steven Khuong, says his reason was a bit of “serendipity.” He originally founded a small preschool because he could not find a suitable program for his young child with special needs. From this school, he incubated the idea for Curacubby, a complete online school management system that handles enrollment, billing and payment processing, and revenue growth. Steven seems to find a “silver lining” in most aspects of life. Covid19 has significantly hurt the childcare and early education business. But the crisis has helped push small business owners to get past their resistance to change. Steven also thinks that the pandemic has made h

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