IronCEO RapidFire: Liza Rodewald, Founder & CEO, Instant Teams

Instant Teams is about supporting military families. Liza Rodewald is Founder and CEO of Instant Teams. “My husband is in the military. When I met the military spouse community, I saw their struggle to maintain employment moving every two or three years. The military spouse community sits at 26% unemployment. That is when I really started to form the idea of Instant Teams building remote teams from a specialized workforce of military-connected talent.” Liza has great advice for entrepreneurs; don't be afraid to step back or stop working on an idea or company if it is not fulfilling you. “We [entrepreneurs] have lots of ideas. Most people that are entrepreneurs can think of 10 different com

IronCEO Video Blog: Get Out There, Be Crazy!

Get out there, be crazy! To some people crazy is running more than 5 miles or biking more than 50 miles. To some people doing a triathlon of 140.6 miles is off the charts crazy. Doing it when there are no prizes, or athletes to race and compete against, or volunteers and strangers lining the route to support you and cheer is just bat shit. Well, when I showed up at 6am at the first light of Chatfield reservoir last Saturday, I found two more people who randomly decided to do their own ironman event too. Hmm. Maybe not so crazy after all. Do these folks seem crazy? I don't think so! It was so amazing to share my Ironman day in such an intimate and participatory way with everyone. It made it

IronCEO Video Blog: Success is a Matter of Trust!

I want to make an admission. I don’t always trust myself. By all objective standards including my own opinion, I have reached amazing milestones and accomplished great things personally and professionally in my life. But that success does not always allow me to trust that I will reach my next goal or objective. I still question the path I am taking, the choices I am making, and whether it will get me where I want to go. In less than 3 weeks now, I will throw on a wet suit, swim 2.4 miles, jump on my bike for a leisurely 112 miles ride, and then walk, skip, hobble, maybe even jog through a marathon. Right now my body aches, my neck is stiff, my shoulder blade is in agony and I can't even s

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