IronCEO RapidFire: Harlan Titus Beverly, Founder, CEO, Freebeer.AI

Harlan Titus Beverly is a four-time CEO, and a three-time startup founder. His most recent startup was Freebeer.AI. He has done it all. Starting and selling companies, raising capital, running a venture lab, and teaching college courses in entrepreneurship. I love interviewing serial entrepreneurs. They all share the same lesson; the quickest path to success is a failure. Harlan literally wrote the book. His publisher titled the book “Navigating Your Way to Success,” but Harlen wanted to name the tome “Failing Your Way to Success.” Harlan has had successes, failures, and disappointments. His last company, Freebeer.AI, did not make it. The reason for its failure is a great lesson for all foun

IronCEO RapidFire: John "Grizz" Deal: Co-founder, CEO, IX Water

John R Grizz Deal calls himself “an environmental entrepreneur.” Living in Colorado, I should spend time with entrepreneurs and startups in the Oil & Gas and Cleantech industry like John. There is an incredible amount of technology you can get access to from the government. John’s expertise and experience can help any founder deal with the challenges of building and commercializing technology based on a physical product in complex industries. “With physical goods, you have to have the money upfront. You have to buy stuff, build prototypes and models, test them, take them into the field, and get customer feedback. Then you end up redesigning the thing several times before the commercial versi

IronCEO RapidFire: Peter Jokisch, Founder, Teakoe

Never take an entrepreneur or professional lacrosse goalie for granted! Pete Jokisch picked up his passion for tea playing college lacrosse. But his stint as a backup goalie on a professional lacrosse team gave him a lot of time to think and make tea. His teammates were his early customers to test out his blends. Teakoe is a Colorado brewed tasty, organic, and sustainably made tea beverage. Pete has also mastered the science of selling a consumer product through the complex maze of food distribution. He maps out his strategy like an athlete or coach breaking down a gameplan. "For us, in the beverage space, you have a number of opportunities, but with that comes challenges. When you are look

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