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IronCEO RapidFire: Allison Reitz, CEO&Co-Founder, Good Elephant

Yoga studios and teachers are ground zero for small businesses and gig workers suffering from the COVID Pandemic. But don’t think of Good Elephant as an opportunistic company just now jumping on the bandwagon of digitizing classes for online consumption.

Also, don’t underestimate Allison Reitz. This young, Zen, yogi entrepreneur is Founder and CEO of Good Elephant. Allison started her business in 2017 to transform the fitness industry model. In her words, she is building “Airbnb for yoga.”

Allison is tackling two challenges head-on.

“I realize there were a few things that I didn’t like about how the yoga industry is run. First of all, I was not going to be able to make a living teaching at $25 per class. Second of all, just the number of people who were interested in coming to my classes, but were too scared to come into a studio. They didn’t fit the demographic you usually see at a studio, or they couldn’t afford the membership.”

Good Elephant is flipping the student, teacher model on its head.

“We are building a community-powered platform that is changing the way classes are created. We are switching it around so that we are using the information that we have from our users and generating classes and events that are actually needed by the community—then offering those as opportunities for our teachers. This is the future of the industry. Things will be decided by what the community really wants.”

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