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IronCEO RapidFire: Anthony Franco, Founder, mcSquares

You got to love an Entrepreneur who is brutally honest about himself as well as to others. I asked serial entrepreneur, shark tank contestant, inventor why he does what he does? His answer is brutally honest and self-effacing. Maybe you can relate?

“I can’t hold down any other job. Entrepreneurship is the only way I can earn a living. I am a terrible employee. I jump from one entrepreneurial gig to another, because that’s all I know. I get bored very easily. I love starting. Once a company gets into management, where you get middle layers of managers, I am not the right fit for the company anymore.”

Anthony, like many creative types operates on instinct and intuition.

“I build stuff for me. I am customer #1. I build stuff that I would use in my life. I have to like it. My secret is I listen to my gut. It's hard to write it down in a formula."

Finally, Anthony conquered the Shark Tank and pulled down an deal from businessman and investor Kevin O’Leary for his current consumer products company, mcSquares. One of the biggest lesson he learned was how to speak to consumers. Selling B2C it a totally different game than a B2B sale.

“In a b2b sale, you have the ability to have a conversation, a true dialog with customers. In B2C its more of a megaphone. Being quick and crystal clear with messaging is the biggest switch I had to make going B2B to B2C.”

Each week, on the IronCEO RapidFire, I will try to find out what makes entrepreneurs tick and try to get you to sit in their seat. Check out our new "The IronCEO" Youtube Channel. Subscribe now and you can follow us on your phone, computer, or TV.


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