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IronCEO RapidFire: David Buzanko: Solopreneur & Resilience Coach

Maybe you are not ready to be the next Zuckerburg. Maybe instead of becoming an entrepreneur, you want to be a solopreneur. Perhaps you still have a full-time job a career, but there is a side hustle that you want to pursue.

Dave Buzanko is all these things. He turned his side hustle into an amazing coaching career teaching people resilience while also working as a business development professional for a worldwide managed training services provider.

“Right now, we are running into a situation with so many people being let go from jobs and they got 20 to 30 years’ experience. [Maybe] they are going to become a consultant which is a solopreneur. There is a lot more to it than just being good at what you do. There is a whole suite of business skills that come behind it from sales, marketing, collections. Your wear all those hats.”

At the age of 40, Dave ended up in the ER and had a life-changing experience. Instead of sitting on the couch and cutting back his workload, he became an Ironman athlete.

“You can’t help anybody if you are dead! You need to start looking at work-life balance and saying if I value being alive, I need to get some stuff in order. I got three non-negotiable things I am going to do every day. I am going to eat well. I am going to exercise. The other part is always committing to learning something new every day. That to me is having a healthy work-life balance.”

Resilience is really the balance we need in our daily lives to weather storms and cope with challenges.

“If you are not paying attention to the three things that matter most to you in your life that are important to your health and happiness. Resilience is like a tripod. It has a physical leg, mental leg, and personal growth leg. When it comes to resilience as an entrepreneur you cannot be successful, or call yourself successful, if you don’t have those legs in balance.”

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