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IronCEO RapidFire: Liza Rodewald, Founder & CEO, Instant Teams

Instant Teams is about supporting military families. Liza Rodewald is Founder and CEO of Instant Teams.

“My husband is in the military. When I met the military spouse community, I saw their struggle to maintain employment moving every two or three years. The military spouse community sits at 26% unemployment. That is when I really started to form the idea of Instant Teams building remote teams from a specialized workforce of military-connected talent.”

Liza has great advice for entrepreneurs; don't be afraid to step back or stop working on an idea or company if it is not fulfilling you.

“We [entrepreneurs] have lots of ideas. Most people that are entrepreneurs can think of 10 different companies to start today. I would say take your time and strategize on what you want to be doing and not just what are all the good ideas. What will you actually enjoy building because it's going to take a lot of your time, mental energy, and effort? You want to make sure you are 100% on board with it through that process that will sustain you.”

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