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IronCEO RapidFire: Ludmila Livertovsky, CEO & Founder, BeNear

Necessity is always the mother of invention. As a young person, Ludmila needed to manage many things, including going to school, earning money, and taking care of a sibling and grandparent. On her own, she needed to find resources that could help her. The idea came to develop a sharing services platform. A location-based system to exchange skills for free or for a fee.

The booming gig economy and COVID-19 have made it a necessity for millions to both give and get services. Ludmila talks about how BeNear fills this need.

“People can easily help each other and earn money. It is a very important aspect nowadays. People are stuck at home and they need real help for their families. As a platform, we can provide horizontal solutions, like home-based food sharing, delivery, immobility care for elderly people that will be supplied by young generations.”

She offers great advice to other entrepreneurs drowning in negativity from naysayers.

“One hundred reasons why not. You need to stop listening to people and just go to POCS (Proof of Concepts) and to understand by other instruments if your idea is helpful or not.”

Ludmila demonstrates grit and what I call the Mindset CEO. The beliefs and attitudes that will make you successful. “You can’t stop me. As a partner said a few years ago; Ludmila, you are like a rocket, if you are focused to reach that goal nobody can stop [Ludmila] her. I believe I have these skills from my experience and past mistakes.”

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