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IronCEO Video Blog: Get Out There, Be Crazy!

Get out there, be crazy! To some people crazy is running more than 5 miles or biking more than 50 miles. To some people doing a triathlon of 140.6 miles is off the charts crazy. Doing it when there are no prizes, or athletes to race and compete against, or volunteers and strangers lining the route to support you and cheer is just bat shit.

Well, when I showed up at 6am at the first light of Chatfield reservoir last Saturday, I found two more people who randomly decided to do their own ironman event too. Hmm. Maybe not so crazy after all. Do these folks seem crazy? I don't think so! It was so amazing to share my Ironman day in such an intimate and participatory way with everyone. It made it special and memorable.

I honestly never looked at my watch (well, rarely) for time splits or mileage. I swam, biked, and ran like I was hanging out all day out with my besties. Which I was. So I realized that this was a gift. Not just a gift for me, but I gift I got to share with all those that I love so they can truly see what make's me tick and inspires me.

Just because other people think it's crazy, is it? Is it crazy to pursue your passions and dreams? No. Reid Hoffman, in addition to being the co-founder of LinkedIn, is one of Silicon Valley's most prolific investors. I heard him once tell a story that reminds me why crazy is good. He said, that if he was really excited about a company to invest and all the partners around the table during the weekly review also thought it was a great company, he then had serious doubts. On the other hand, if nobody loved the company or really understood it, he got excited. I am paraphrasing an old story, sorry Ried, I hope I got it right.

The point is to be crazy. Don't listen to others or follow norms. Go ahead and swim, bike, and run against the tide. You will see where it gets you!

Each week I will be posting a blog and video to help CEOs and Entrepreneurs on their journey to success. Check out our new "The IronCEO" Youtube Channel. Subscribe now and you can follow us on your phone, computer or TV.

I applaud all of you that have taken the first step and started a company. Whether it's your first one or your third startup, this is a hard journey. Together we will explore what it takes! Let's navigate the challenges, both the ones internal in your head and all the obstacles you face out in the world every day. Thanks for listening. Now get out there and crush it!!! #entrepreneurship #startups #theironceo


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