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IronCEO Video Blog: Success is a Matter of Trust!

I want to make an admission. I don’t always trust myself. By all objective standards including my own opinion, I have reached amazing milestones and accomplished great things personally and professionally in my life. But that success does not always allow me to trust that I will reach my next goal or objective. I still question the path I am taking, the choices I am making, and whether it will get me where I want to go.

In less than 3 weeks now, I will throw on a wet suit, swim 2.4 miles, jump on my bike for a leisurely 112 miles ride, and then walk, skip, hobble, maybe even jog through a marathon. Right now my body aches, my neck is stiff, my shoulder blade is in agony and I can't even swim laps.

So ask me how I feel about completing my upcoming self-imposed solo Ironman for charity. I feel great. I am confident that it will get over that real finish line that I have already painted in my mind. The bottom line is that I 100% trust myself.

I trust that once I start this journey I know exactly where it will end. I trust that whatever obstacle or challenges will come my way, I will push them aside and muddle through. It is empowering and liberating to have the confidence, faith, and single-minded determination that you can accomplish something you set out to do.

Many people struggle to start something new. To set their mind to a goal and perhaps get out of their comfort zone. It’s hard, it can be daunting and almost unachievable at the outset. You need to put aside our fears and have the courage of your convictions. Believe in yourself and believe in the goal you have set out to accomplish. Still, I am always questioning my new choices and have doubts that I will reach my goals. But not this race. Not an ironman. Why?

Because I know that two things that got me here; my determination and training. Training is discipline. I have formed the daily mental and physical habits that allow me to get strong and better at a task. I trust that determination and discipline will get me through anything. It always has and always will!

I know that on Sept 12 I will finish my Ironman in spite of how shitty my body feels right now.

Give what you can! Give till it hurts (me).



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