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IronCEO Video Blog: What Does Are You a Control Freak? It's Ok.

Are you always correcting others as soon as they say or do something that isn’t right? Do you have trouble admitting when you are wrong? Do you work for a boss that is always interrupting you and telling you how to do your job? Do you have trouble getting a word in edgewise in meetings with your boss?

Maybe you or your boss are control freaks. Is that ok? Well no, not really. Being a control freak in the ways I just outlined is not a good way to interact, manage, or lead others. That’s why controlling people get that label “Freak”. That’s kinda bad because frankly its a truly dysfunctional behavior.

To be a great entrepreneur you have to believe that you can control stuff. You can control your destiny, your vision, your belief that you can create something awesome and impactful in the world. The key is to know what it is you can and must control from what it is you can’t or should never control.

My safe place is in the pool, on the road, or on the track. I cant control the outcome when I race an Ironman, but I control all the minute details of preparation, how mind and body will get through the day, and how I will deal with all the challenges and obstacles that will come my way.

I am an Ironman. On September 12, 2020, I will be racing The IronCEO Solo Triathlon for Charity. 1 Day, 3 Sports, 4 Causes 140.6 Reasons to Give!

Every dollar donated will be given to 4 great causes for Social Justice, Global Humanity, COVID Relief, and Veterans.

Give what you can! Give till it hurts (me).



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