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IronCEO Video Blog: What Does Your LinkedIn Profile Say About You?

What does your LinkedIn Profile Summary say about you? Are you a CEO? Are you a developer? Are you the Sales VP? Is that who you are?

You don’t believe in self-labeling, look at your LinkedIn page. Mine says I am a Biz Dev Dynamo, Entrepreneur, Innovator, and the IronCEO. That is who I am! It’s not what I am or what I do; it is literally who I am. Believe me; it took me a while to realize this.

Words have power! The Positive words we tell ourselves are commonly known as positive affirmations. A lot has been written about the power of positive affirmations to get your day started, to transform your mood and ultimately your life.

But if you really want to seal the deal, take those affirmations, take everything in your LinkedIn profile, take a look back at your life and give yourself some labels. It is who you are.

I am an Ironman. On September 12, 2020, I will be racing The IronCEO Solo Triathlon for Charity. 1 Day, 3 Sports, 4 Causes 140.6 Reasons to Give!

Every dollar donated will be given to 4 great causes for Social Justice, Global Humanity, COVID Relief, and Veterans.

Give what you can! Give till it hurts (me).



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