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MindsetCEO Blog: Anniversaries are Not My Thing

I love getting congrats from old friends and colleagues on LinkedIn, particularly people I have not heard from in a long time. But last week, when the congrats on your one-year anniversary message popped up, I had to admit I was somewhat surprised and perplexed. You see I just started a new job in January, so that was not the anniversary. Maybe, I have had so many jobs lately that I lost track!

It's true that most things have a start and finish; a race, a project, most jobs, careers, and hopefully soon this pandemic. Still, don't be fooled by the simple measurement of starting or finish a task, much less marking an anniversary or milestone. I have come to realize that life and people are much more complex.

It is not as simple as the email I got from an Ironman coaching service today imploring me to find the right training plan for an upcoming race. Nor if you want to better a salesperson or business leader, is it as simple as getting a coach to educate you on the right tactics or habits.

My journey to MindsetCEO started a long time ago. I needed to explore the why, who I am, and what I am. These are the questions that have led me to start on this new journey. The answers are my personal exploration and at the core of my mindset. I know that my mindset is the reason behind what I have accomplished in my life. It will always lead me where I want to go.

The beliefs, attitudes that enable me to use my talents and experience to inspire and mentor others started a long time ago—way before I even started my career as a tech entrepreneur in my 20s. The habits and skills that I developed over two decades of startup successes and failures, also did not start when I put out my MindsetCEO coaching shingle.

These mindset practices that have given me the confidence, strength, and resilience to endure and complete countless Ironman and other endurance races did not begin when I hit my first Ironman starting line ten years ago.

The MindsetCEO does not have a start date, and frankly, it does not have a finish line. It's my lifelong pursuit of learning and self-improvement in the hopes of bettering myself and others. I look forward to taking that journey with all of you.

You can find and follow The MindsetCEO on LinkedIn or the new MindsetCEO YouTube Channel. Book a call to see how I can help you on your journey from Founder to CEO.


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