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MindsetCEO Blog: Dont Run Your Business Or Your Life By the Numbers

It's a new year, finally. It is easy to look back at all your "numerical accomplishments." I know that I certainly am guilty. I proudly display the annual data from my Strava app and believe it's a real achievement. I have Recorded over 6,000 miles of swim, bike, run, ski, and hike on Strava

Also, I have accumulated over 5,000 followers on LinkedIn and posted over 50 video blogs on my website.

It sure sounds impressive! But don't be fooled by people that accumulate followers or miles. It is the old story of quality vs. quantity.

What or who exactly is a follower. How many of those followers on LinkedIn do I actually know or have I engaged in a meaningful conversation. Many of my followers are just anonymous people like me spending hours a day on Linkedin blogging, sending out invites to market myself to sell a product or service. Are they interested in exchanging ideas and building community with me?

In endurance training, the term "junk miles" refers to run or bike miles without purpose or in the right training zone for the desired physiological benefits? Also, how many of the miles were ridden without pleasure and joy. Perhaps you rode alone on a bike trainer in a cold garage instead of with a group of buddies on a beautiful road with the sun and wind at my back.

Life and business are all about meaningful experiences. Whether on social media, zoom, or (someday) face to face, I always want to focus on bringing value to an interaction. What knowledge can I impart? What energy can I create that will positively impact an individual, business, or community.

Numeric, measurable goals are still important. But they also need to have meaning to be achieved and enjoyed. Otherwise, you will not have the commitment and passion needed, or worse, you burn out from the constant grind of trying to "hit the number." Ask yourself, what will it mean if you accomplish that goal. What will it get you or enable you to have? Why are you doing it?

Big goals are challenging, and sometimes they require that we grind it out, logging the hours, calls, or miles to get there. But it would be best if you had the Mindset that will let you get across the finish line. Visualizing your goals and finding meaning for the journey are valuable methods to achieve success.

In 2020 all my races were canceled due to the pandemic. So I did a solo Ironman without the benefit of many thousands of competitors and onlookers or the race results to push me. Yet, it was the "EASIEST" and most enjoyable Ironman race. I had the right mindset and attitude that gave meaning to my training and joy in the outcome.

This is Alex Cooper. The MindSetCEO is my practiced and proven coaching model for setting and achieving meaningful goals in your life. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

You can find and follow The MindsetCEO on LinkedIn or the new MindsetCEO YouTube Channel. Book a call to see how I can help you on your journey from Founder to CEO.


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