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Road to Ironman 9-11: Go Slow to Go Fast

This week's theme is all about going slow. You can't be an Ironman or a great CEO if you always keep your foot on the gas. Recovery is a key aspect of training and scaling a business.

Donate what you can to honor our fallen 9-11 Heroes. Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

I am doing Ironman Wisconsin on 9-11 to honor our fallen heroes that entered the towers that day. Please click to donate and consider giving whatever you can to this great cause Tunnel to Towers Foundation #americanheroes #firstresponder #neverforget #charity #DoGood #DonateToday #Tunnel2Towers #T2T

This is Alex Cooper. You can find and follow The MindsetCEO on LinkedIn or YouTube. Visit our website and book a call to see how I can help you on your journey from Founder to CEO.


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