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IronCEO Video Blog: The Cone of Silence.

What do you when your customer, prospect, hiring manager goes silent?

Let's face it whether you are selling, looking for a new job, or dating, it's inevitable that if they are not "buying" what you are "selling," your audience will become unresponsive and "go dark."

My attitude is that I will take a "No" (hopefully with a reason) any day over silence. In my experience, when the deal goes radio silent, it's time to go silent too. I know all to well that it is easier said than done. But how can we learn from their silence?

Each week I will be posting a blog and video to help CEOs and Entrepreneurs on their journey to success. I applaud all of you that have taken the first step and started a company. Whether it's your first one or your third startup, this is a hard journey. Together we will explore what it takes! Let's navigate the challenges, both the ones internal in your head and all the obstacles you face out in the world every day. Thanks for listening. Now get out there and crush it!!! 01:56


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