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IronCEO RapidFire: Matt Hyder, Founder & CEO, Recoup

Recoup Fitness is a high-performance fitness recovery group that provides athletes with the highest quality products of heating/cooling products available. The products which he invented in his parent’s basement in Littleton Colorado are now used by NFL athletes and Olympic gold medalists.

Matt Hyder is the Founder and CEO of Recoup. Matt, almost a high school dropout, has graduated from the school of hard knocks. He started four businesses before Recoup in rapid succession that failed. He proves failure is an option, inevitable, and will propel you to success.

“I love failing, we try to fail every day here. It means you are pushing the boundaries of what is possible and impossible. The further you push them, that is how you keep progressing and creating. Never settle on the status quo. That’s what creates an innovative business."

He found his niche in consumer products. Like most entrepreneurs he took something from his personal experience; a prolonged history of sports-related injuries to create the prodcut. Recoup Fitness. How do you create a successful product, listen to your customers! In Matt’s business, he can literally find their “pain points” and fix them. His first client was the San Francisco 49ers.

"I got there by hustle…. As I pitched it more and more, I critiqued it and figured out exactly where the market was. A lot of it is where do you hurt right now and how does the product work towards that injury."

A successful product needs to be aspirin, not a vitamin. Does it really solve a problem that is causing you customer pain? In the case of Recoup, the answer is a resounding yes

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