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IronCEO RapidFire: Liran Haimovitch; CTO & Co-Founder, Rookout

If you have ever written even a single line of software code, you know that that there will be bugs. Liran Haimovitch has both a personal and company mission to eliminate the frustration and productivity crushing task of debugging software.

Liran looks at this problem both with the preciseness of an engineer and an abstract, almost metaphysical perspective.

“The mindset of cyber engineering is figuring out how an application works from the ground up. Going back down all the way to the silicon, to the firmware, [to the] operating system, all the way to the highest level of coding. You are learning those layers from top to bottom… trying to figure out how can they be exploited, how can they be protected and what it all means.”

While it seems that Liran takes every bug or mistake personally, he also learned the successful mindset of a CEO is about letting go and letting others make mistakes.

“When it's your company when you put so many years or work, of your life to the company, mistakes often appear more tragic than they really are. Every founder I have ever met has this fear of allowing make mistakes to take place. There are always voices in our heads telling us to prevent those mistakes, sometimes we need to let our colleagues and employees make those mistakes. To learn from them, to be empowered by them. Sometimes, we are wrong and they are not mistakes. It’s all about letting go."

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