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IronCEO RapidFire: Yosh Eisbart; CEO & Co-Founder, Fulfilld

Yosh Eisbart, is a serial entrepreneur who exemplifies one of the many paradoxes that burst the glamorized image of a startup founder. He has grit, determination, and the perseverance to ignore all the naysayers to plow ahead and start a new business right as the peak of the Covid19 Pandemic.

He is also mindful of his “monkey brain” getting in the way and the doubts that creep in.

“[I] try to practice mindfulness and yoga and meditation. It’s really quieting that monkey mind or those voices to being able to have more stillness to be able to achieve what you want. Speaking from an entrepreneurial perspective…I think the obstacle there again is the self-doubt, which is natural for any human being, any entrepreneur.”

Yosh takes this CEO mindset and integrates the qualities to be successful in all his relationships. His and his business partners, Michael Pytel, have been together for 15 years and started two companies together.

“Having a founder, co-founder relationship is truly like a marriage. He and I have been through the ups and downs of starting a business, scaling a business, having the revenue go down, having to let go of people. Michael and I are a perfect one-two punch. Because of what he brings to the table and I think what I bring to the table, our collaboration, our partnership, our strengths really mesh well together. I think the key for Michael and I is there needs to be transparency, candor, empathy, and vulnerability.”

Finally, Yosh believes that these qualities; perseverance, grit, and not willing to take no are also the most important characteristics not just for any entrepreneur but anyone trying to achieve.

“Whether it’s with your kids and sports, or with homework, or friendship, or with my wife that is starting a brand new business from scratch…. It takes working late, working early, doing stuff that folks don’t want to do.”

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